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Disclaimer: PhoneSupportHub is an independent online support service provider company for third party products. The brands, names, image, trademarks, products and services of third parties mentioned on this website are only for reference and to furnish information. We disclaim any ownership, right, affiliations or endorsement of or by any such third party products.


    PhoneSupportHub will provide you with a detailed webpage comprised of terms and conditions to deal with an agreement. It is to be advised to read the conditions carefully before going to the website and acceptance from your side is mandatory for the usage of PhoneSupportHub. But if at any point you feel like that terms and conditions are suitable not to you then in that case you are free to leave the page. The plan you have opted for will be provided to you only when you accept the terms and conditions and got yourself registered as a customer. And to being a customer you are supposed to first deposit the fee and in return can ask for technical support. After getting registered it´s the responsibility of PhoneSupportHub to update you regularly about the norms so as to provide you the latest version of terms and conditions.


    PhoneSupportHub website uses a range of terminology following:

    1. Terms like “you”, “your” and “customer” are the ones to be used to have a complete access of the PhoneSupportHub´s as far as terms and conditions are concerned.
    2. Remote control of PhoneSupportHub provides the online technical support which can be defined by the terms like “We”, “Us” and “Our”.
    3. Term like “Third party” is to be used in the case of registered customer wishes to use the product and services.

    Terminology is to be designed as per the customer´s need which includes offer, acceptance, registration so as to provide the support and services according to the valid law.

    Provider´s Obligation

    PhoneSupportHub´s obligations toward completing the service are as follows:

    1. PhoneSupportHub promises to meet all your requirements totally with their efforts.
    2. When you opt for any plan offered then it became our utmost responsibility to provide the technical support.
    3. Technical support is easily accessible via just a click.
    4. All your plans are to be designed in such a way so as to keep the privacy and total security.
    5. The most important deal is that we believe in cancellation policy so as to refund all your hard earned money.

    Customer´s Obligation

    There are few of obligations for the customer as well:

    1. It is to be expected from the customer that they will use the support intelligently and will not provide the access of your account to anyone else.
    2. The customers are not supposed to ask for the support in case of the hardware or software which is not registered.
    3. Any kind of calls, abuses, shout or ill treat to the supporters will not be tolerated in the names of technical support.
    4. Instructions are required to be listened carefully while provided to you by the experts.

    Privacy Statement

    PhoneSupportHub´s privacy statement is totally strict and we commit to our clients to protect their information and in our company your details is to be accessed by just the authorized person and apart from that nobody can access the count. And if by any chance such thing happens then the matter is to be taken to the civil proceedings against the guilty.


    PhoneSupportHub is one such company which got registered under Data Protection Act 1998 and we are one such company which doesn´t provide any of your personal information to the unauthorized person. Personal details are to be given to the technical support so as to help you or keep you inform about the company´s policies time to time.


    The website of PhoneSupportHub provides the basis of information which majorly excludes the warranties, contents, liabilities for damage which comes out while using the website.


    The fee of the plan is to be deposited for online technical support to the company so as to get the services.


    PhoneSupportHub major advantage is that you can pay the fee via credit card or e-check or cash but it is advised to pay through in a secured way. The amount you need to pay is as per the plan you opt for and once your payment got done only then you can avail the technical support from the website.

    Cancellation Policy

    PhoneSupportHub also provides you with cancellation policy where you can even cancel you plan within the span of 24 hours and the only condition applied is that in that very particular time you should make sure that you have not applied for any kind of technical support along with that there will be a deduction of small amount for the consultation charges.

    Refund Policy

    PhoneSupportHub does refunds your money when technical support could not able to help you even for once or when to solve your query was beyond their reach. As per the incidental plan, it can be seen that any of the issue takes almost 7 days max to get resolved but there are times when it doesn´t then in that very cases your money will be refunded totally.


    PhoneSupportHub has the complete right to terminate the service based on following conditions:

    1. Any kind of misuse or abuse to technical support.
    2. Any kind of data damage will also leads to the termination.
    3. Violation of terms and conditions


    While signing the contract you are supposed to fill the indemnity that the customer will make use of the company´s services without violating any of the agreement.

    Links To Te Website

    It is to be expected from the customer that you will not create any of the link of the company´s website without any prior notice. If you are found guilty then the matter will go to legal actions.

    Copyright Notice

    PhoneSupportHub’s logo, brand name and services available by them are the websites trademark and has the complete copyright contains the proper intellectual property rights.


    PhoneSupportHub’s all legal actions will be taken to the court and will honor the customer rights.

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