August 2, 2019

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888) 908-6618 Toll Free Common Problems With Using a Garmin GPS

Common problems with using a Garmin GPS include failure to turn on, failure to detect signal, sudden shut off during use, unresponsive touchscreen and GPS locking up. 

Other problems include lost satellite reception, uploading and downloading problems and sound failure. A depleted battery, a fault in the press and hold power button, poor display and a worn out logic board can cause failure of the Garmin GPS V and nuvi 1390 to turn on. Lack of a line of sight or software and an error in setting the satellite data can cause the Garmin Sat Nav to not detect a satellite signal when power is on.

Common Problems With Using a Garmin GPS

A loose or vibrating battery can cause the Garmin V to keep shutting down during use. Call Garmin GPS Customer Service (888) 846-8816 Phone Support Number For Garmin GPS Technical Support . Garmin GPS Phone Support Number For Garmin GPS Issues. Our Garmin GPS Toll Free Helpline Number (888) 846-8816  For Customer Support.

How to Troubleshoot Common Problems with a GPS Navigation Unit

For the high GPS navigation technology, more and more people choose to install their own car GPS navigation systems. Inevitably, when you run the GPS navigation system, there may be some problems. Some issues need to be resolved by Professionals, but most of problems you can resolve yourself.

STEP 1- The GPS navigation unit doesn’t start up/ could not open the GPS navigation unit.

  • The key is not turned to ACC or IGNITION position.
  • Turn the vehicle key to ACC or IGNITION position.
  • The power cable has not been connected to the GPS navigation unit.
  • Connect the power cable to the GPS navigation unit.
  • Blown fuse behind the GPS navigation unit or in the radio system.
  • Replace the blown fuse with a fuse of the same amps.
  • Flat battery.
  • Replace or charge up the flat battery.
  • The remote controller is running out of battery power.
  • Change the remote control battery.

STEP 2- No sound output/ could not hear voice/ no voice

  • Speaker wires are not connected to the GPS navigation unit
  • Make sure that the speaker wires are properly connected to both the GPS navigation unit and the speakers.
  • The GPS navigation unit is on “Mute”.
  • Press “Mute” key or VOLUME (+/-) key.
  • The volume it excessively low.
  • Press VOLUME(+) key.
  • Front/Rear speaker; Left/Right speaker.
  • Press the remote control panel “OSD” or adjust the “Option” “Audio”

STEP 3- Touch panel is not calibrated.

  • Press “calibration” to calibrate the monitor again.
  • “Menu”->”Option”->”System”->”calibration”

STEP 4- No response from the touch screen.

  • Possible that the system is still processing the previous task given to it
  • If there is still no response after a long period time, please contact the after-sale service department to have this issue looked at.

STEP 5- Can not play DVD.

  • Disc loaded inaccurately.
  • Please load the disc with the graphic side showing towards the windscreen.
  • Damaged disc.
  • Please clean the disc before reloading it again.
  • Disc does not play at all.
  • Please check the disc format before playing it.

STEP 6- Screen is too dark or not bright enough.

  • Brightness or contrast adjustment is at the lowest setting
  • Press “OSD” on the remote controller and re-adjust suitable brightness, contrast and chroma settings.

STEP 7- Bad radio reception and can not locate many radio stations.

  • The radio antenna is not plugged in correctly.
  • Re-plug in the radio antenna.
  • This problem can also related to the current position of the vehicle, especially in the areas with tall buildings.
  • Try it again when the vehicle is away from the built up areas. If the problem persists, please contact your local product distributor/reseller.
Common Problems With Using a Garmin GPS

STEP 8- No image from the reversing camera.

  • Reversing camera is installed, but it is not plugged into the GPS navigation unit.
  • Connect the reverse camera to the GPS navigation unit, then press the “CDD” button on the remote controller, if it still does not work, please contact your local product distributor/reseller.

STEP 9- No GPS reception.

  • GPS antenna is not plugged in.
  • Plug in the GPS antenna.
  • No GPS reception in the current location.
  • Please contact your nearest product distributor/reseller for further assistance.

STEP 10- GPS can not pinpoint the current location.

  • Some remote areas are not covered in the maps loaded in the system.
  • Future updated maps might cover those remote locations.

STEP 11- GPS can not find the location that I am looking for.

  • Confirm the address and re-enter it. If the system still can not locate it, it is most likely that the map in the system will need to be updated.

STEP 12- Map does not appears on the monitor.

  • It is possibly that the scale of the navigation map is either too small or too large.
  • Try to change the scale of the map, you should be able to see the navigation map on the monitor now. If the map still has not appeared, try to make a search again and if the problem persists, please contact your nearest product distributor/reseller for further assistance.

STEP 13- Bluetooth does not work.

  • Bluetooth device is not connected.
  • Pair your cellphone with this Navi system.
  • Can not find the bluetooth serial port.
  • Please contact your nearest product distributor/reseller for further assistance.

Get an extensive list of troubleshooting suggestions, as well as accuracy tips for your GPS device, to keep it working at its best potential. These tips represent the best advice you can find on a vast amount of issues that may arise with your GPS, whether it is a TomTom, Magellan or Garmin device.

Common Problems With Using a Garmin GPS
Common Problems With Using a Garmin GPS

You are bound to encounter a few problems with consistent usage of your GPS device. Whether the signal is weak or the data is lacking, there will always be something just not adequately fulfilling your GPS needs. Perhaps the problem might be that you simply are not able to manipulate and engage the functions properly to yield the best results. 

Garmin GPS tracking device is the most trusted device when you are travelling to new and unknown destination. One can get instant resolution through our Garmin customer support phone number 855-708-2203 which is available round the clock.

Before explaining how to fix the problem, first lets us examine the “Garmin GPS not working fine” issue once. Like any other electronic device, Garmin GPS devices could also be the prey of any hardware or software failure.

The GPS not working properly is a result of any such tainted functionality. There are certain topics that hint toward this Garmin GPS issue. People have reported many such issues as:

  • Garmin GPS not working properly
  • Garmin GPS Nuvi stopped working
  • Common problems with Garmin GPS
  • Garmin GPS not turning On
  • Garmin Nuvi Reset Pin
  • Unresponsive Garmin touch screen
  • Problem with getting GPS Signal

You don’t need to worry if your problem is not mentioned here. The fix is common for all the issues. This guide can still be a helping hand to fix various GPS issues. This blog will explain various solutions in a very guide that you can follow to fix various Garmin GPS issues.

Reset the Garmin GPS

When you think that your Garmin GPS has stopped working suddenly, you can try with resetting your device once and then check it again. Now the question arises that what is exactly meant by “Reset Garmin GPS” and how can you do it?  Follow the steps given below to know about it

How to Reset a Garmin GPS?

Resetting the GPS device involves turning off the device and making changes in its settings so that you can make new settings to it. You also get the two options with Reset a Garmin device which is as follows:

Soft Reset

To perform the soft reset of the Garmin GPS device do the following:

  1. Turn off the device by long pressing power button for 5 seconds
  2. When the device is off until you get to see the Garmin logo back again.
  3. Release the button when the Garmin GPS device restarts.
  4. The soft reset works for any timely error.

While some issues are as simple as that, others may not be so black and white. With this GPS troubleshooting guide and accuracy tips, you will able to relate to common problems with certain GPS devices, learn how you can improve these features and get some terrific advice on how to approach these problems to get your GPS unit up to par. With such revolutionary technology you are going to come across a few hindrances here and there. We can take away some of the stress for you by identifying common problems likely to develop with GPS systems. You will also find in this section a few troubleshooting solutions to evade these dilemmas. This is especially useful for those of you who are considering integrating the technology of a GPS into your lives for the first time.

Common Problems With Using a Garmin GPS

Some commonly occurring problems and their troubleshooting process. You can easily fix these problems, but in case, you are unable to do so contact Garmin Maps updates 855-708-2203 at their service helpline number. They provide the best troubleshooting Nuvi support and will get the problem solved for you at affordable rates.

Hard Reset

To perform the Hard Reset of Garmin GPS device; do the following:

  1. Disconnect the Garmin GPS device from all other hardware.
  2. Locate the “Reset” button available at the back side of the device.
  3. Long press the button with a pen tip.
  4. Keep pressing until the GPS device restarts.
  5. Release the button and wait a few more seconds.