Steps to Save Your PC from Hackers by Antivirus Support

  • Date: Mar 31, 2015
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Antivirus software, in addition to protecting the computer system against bugs and viruses, also provide security against hacking for your PC by Antivirus Support at 855-708-2203  With our computer system being home to all kinds of sensitive personal as well as professional information, it require even more protection and a sense of top most priority from its users.

Often an increased amount of internet activity (resulting in a significant decrease in the internet connection), access request from a greater number of programs that are otherwise unknown to you, addition of a new toolbar to the homepage, or your home page changing to a completely new web address, are all tell tale signs that your computer system’s security has been compromised.

How Do You Make Sure That You Don’t Become A Victim To Hacking?

It is always advisable to use a layer of defense mechanism that makes difficult for the hackers to steal into your computer system and get access to sensitive data. To avoid any hacking instance, you can go through this step-by step checklist as given below, to restore the security of your system using an antivirus support:

Step I: Run the antivirus program from your system. It is always advisable to have trustworthy and efficient antivirus Installed software on your system. Also, allowing the antivirus software Step to install various updates would make your PC more secure against hacking.

Step II: Use firewall on your system. Firewalls essentially enable the users to make all the security holes in software inaccessible to the hackers.

Step III: Remove all the infected files/disinfect them using the different conveniences of antivirus support system installed on your PC.

Step IV: After removal of the malwares, reboot your system and again scan it to ensure that the malware has not reinstalled itself on your system.

Step V: In case you do find the malware reinstalled on your system, you should turn off the system restore and repeat the scanning procedure as conducted above.

Step VI: After ensuring that the malwares have been completely removed, turn on System Restore, again reboot and scan your system.

All these steps would ensure that your computer remains safe against hacking attacks. In addition to following these steps, you should also follow some preventive measures by yourself like deleting all unknown emails, avoiding clicking on pop-up ads that are present on some web pages, and most of all avoid visiting websites that are not trustworthy.