Pirated software and hardware are a strict no with Windows 10

  • Date: Aug 17, 2015
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A new bombshell about Windows 10 was officially dropped in the latest update. Microsoft can now disable any pirated and counterfeit software or hardware running the Windows 10 operating system, or at least this is what is interpreted based on the License Agreement End User Update (EULA) released recently. The new Windows 10 terms and conditions that will allow Microsoft to change, modify, or update software on your computer without warning. Changes in the Windows 10 EULA is first spotted by PC Authority (although other people are likely to read through the EULA before them) and according to their report, section 7b or the “Update Services or software, and changes to the Rules’ section files under Windows 10 Microsoft EULA states, “can automatically check your version of the software and download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing fake games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.”

This can mean a lot of things. How will Microsoft that a program is pirated or fake? Microsoft will only use this tactic to disable the games and the software they are affiliated with such as Microsoft Word, or they seek third-party games and help their competitors?windows support phone numberWindows 10 Home Edition, Microsoft has made the Windows 10 software update mandatory and declined the option to say no to them. This can be a big problem because you might not even know the user when the update will take place or whether it has even happened at the time to remove the software that can be forged without their knowledge. What if someone were to purchase hardware or software they suspected was legitimate but turns out not to be? It happens. Another issue is that it may be (indirect) affect people play games on the Xbox gaming system. It is currently unclear what Microsoft means by ‘unauthorized hardware peripheral devices in their EULA. Microsoft ended its Windows Live Games for Windows support of steam 10; However Xbox gaming controllers can now be used on Microsoft Windows 10 computers for gaming. Contact us 855-708-2203 Windows 10 Support Phone Number.