Magellan Roadmate Touchscreen Problem

If your Magellan GPS is behaving erratically, whether it fails to respond or update maps, or freezes, resetting it reboots the device to restore normal operations. Our Technical Experts help you for Magellan Roadmate Touchscreen Problem on 855-708-2203 Magellan GPS Support Phone Number. The more you use your GPS, the greater likelihood that it will run into minor problems, so performing a reset is necessary. When you reset your Magellan GPS, the device’s firmware reboots automatically without deleting saved content such as updated maps. You can perform this simple procedure anytime to solve GPS problems.

Magellan Roadmate Touchscreen Problem

1. Slide the power switch to the off position, then hold it there for eight seconds or more to reset your Magellan GPS automatically. This procedure is designed for a Magellan GPS with a slide switch.

2. Locate the Reset hole on your Magellan GPS if your unit has a push-down power button. The Reset hole is usually located on the back of the GPS.

3. Insert the end of a paperclip or pin into the reset hole and push the Reset button in for at least 10 seconds. Remove the pointed object. The Magellan GPS resets automatically.

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Finding its location took about 5 minutes. Then I wanted to type in my home address but the touch screen keys, the column on the far left, would not respond, so I could not input the correct information. I did some Internet research and found that this unresponsive touchscreen was a common complaint. In fact, I came across dozens and dozens of Magellan owners with the same problem. I then shut the Roadmate off, hoping that rebooting it might fix the touchscreen problem. But sadly, the numbers on the far left column remained unresponsive. To add my frustration, when I pressed, say “A,” the voice recognition did not correspond to what was really being inputted–or not being inputted–in the Roadmate. This occurred during a simple test to get directions to my in-laws’ house.

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A couple of hours later, my wife and I used categories (as opposed to manually typing since far left column on screen would not respond) to select a familiar destination, a supermarket. On the way there, the directions were convoluted and required extra driving. On the way back, the voice response was late on the turn to our street and when it did respond it gave us the wrong direction, left instead of right. Inexplicably, an hour later, the touchscreen worked for a longer drive my wife is taking to Long Beach. Based on the inaccurate directions earlier, she is going to do a mapquest to supplement the Roadmate’s directions. Perhaps I will be able to resolve the aforementioned issues tomorrow with Magellan Tech Support (1 800 707-9971 M-F 6AM-5 PM PST). It goes without saying that these glitches prohibit me from recommending the Roadmate 1210.