How to Find a Lost Network Key for a Belkin Wireless Router

  • Date: Oct 27, 2014
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A network key refers to a special alphanumeric code or password required for accessing a wireless network. The key is required to be entered every time a user wants to connect to the wireless network. The main purpose of the key is to prevent unauthorized access or intrusion into the network, and safeguard the user against risks such as improper Internet usage or data theft. However, it can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming if you forgot network security key for your Belkin wireless router. Fortunately, some simple steps can enable you to locate the lost Belkin router password easily, without consuming much of your valuable time.

  • Connect the Belkin router to your computer using an Ethernet cable and launch the Internet Explorer.
  • Type in the default IP address of the router “” into the address bar and hit Enter. This would direct you automatically to the Belkin router login page, which would prompt you for a password. Click on the Submit button after typing in the correct password.

Note: In case the user has not customized the password previously, the field for password needs to be left blank. The user would then simply click on Submit button.

  • Once logged in, locate the Wireless heading in the left-side panel and click on Security. This would direct you to a page containing multiple fields, namely Security Mode, Authentication, Encryption Technique, etc.
  • Uncheck the box adjacent to Obscure PSK. This would clearly display the alphanumeric code or network key entered in the Pre-shared Key (PSK)

Note: Do not forget to Recheck the Obsecure PSK box after making a note of the network key. It is imperative to keep your network key safe in order to prevent unsanctioned access into your wireless account.

  • Finally, click the Apply Changes button and shut down the router interface.

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