Intel, Huawei Claim World’s First 2.6GHz 5G Interoperability Testing Under SA

  • Date: Aug 02, 2019
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Intel and Huawei reported that they have effectively finished 2.6GHz 5G NR Interoperability and Development Testing (IoDT) in light of the 3GPP Release 15 worldwide standard September variant.

The IoDT test is the world’s first 2.6GHz 5G interoperability test under SA organize and is a key achievement towards quickening the development of the 2.6GHz 5G NR biological system.

Intel, Huawei Claim World's First 2.6GHz 5G Interoperability Testing Under SA

With Intel’s 5G Mobile Trial Platform (MTP) and Huawei’s most recent 5G NR (New Radio) base station supporting the 2.6GHz with 160MHz data transfer capacity, the two organizations mutually finished the IoDT and effectively empowered the principal call under SA arrange.

The effective culmination of this IoDT test not just denotes the conclusion to-end fruitful interoperability of 5G in the 2.6G band, yet in addition establishes a framework for vast scale business dispatch. It will advance the improvement and development of the 5G end-to-end industry in the 2.6G band.

Later on, Intel and Huawei will keep on completing more test and business confirmation, and advance the quick development of the biological community, establishing a strong framework for the future 5G commercialization.