How To Setup Gmail in Outlook

  • Date: Jul 16, 2014
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How to configure your Outlook GMail account

Although the web-based Google’s Gmail system is one of the richest platforms have most webmail, you may want to handle your Gmail account and posts a software program email client such as Microsoft Outlook . For example, if you are using other email addresses and not just Gmail account, chances are that you want to read and handle all your email accounts from the same interface and program.

Configuring the Outook Gmail settings.

You can configure Outlook by Call us at 855-708-2203 – Microsoft Outlook Support Number to handle your Gmail account as a POP3 or as an IMAP account. Depending on your choice, you have to enable the related account option in your Gmail account (Gmail Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP).

  • Below, we will detail how to setup Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 to 2010 to send, receive and store email messages for a Gmail address. Before getting started, please make sure you know your Gmail email address and your Gmail password.

Start Outlook: from the main Outlook window, go to Tools -> Email Accounts.

Then click new
Select manually configure server settings at bottom and click next
Enter your name as you want to appear on emails.
Then enter your gmail email address and password.

Change account type to POP
change incoming mail server to
change outgoing mail server to
set the username to your gmail email address
set the password to your gmail password

Now click more settings
one the outgoing server tab select my outgoing server requiers authentication and mae sure use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected

in the advanced tab change incomingserver value to 993 and select ssl for encryption type.

Change outgoing server to use TLS encryption and set a value of 587

Then Click OK, Next, Finish then Close.

Your gmail account will now appear in outlook and display your emails.To verify your Outlook Gmail setup, click on the “Test Account Settings” button: this will make Outlook to attempt to login to your Gmail account and to send & receive an Outlook test email. If the test will succeed, you will notice the test email in your Outlook Inbox folder. If the test fails, Outlook will prompt you with the error messages – most likely, you didn’t setup the correct server settings or the Gmail password is wrong.


Before you connect to your Gmail account to outlook or any email client you need to enable POP access by signing in to your Gmail account . From the dashboard, go to Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced settings. Under POP and IMAP Access, select or clear the check box for Disable POP and IMAP access for all users in the domain.

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