How to Send a Fax Using an HP LaserJet Printer

  • Date: Mar 14, 2014
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HP LaserJet Printer is a series of laser printers designed and engineered by Hewlett Packard to “delivers tools to help you communicate more affordable and effectively.” They are described as “laser printers are perfect for home or business users who demand a lot from a printer.” These laser printers and multifunction laser printers can deliver excellent quality output through its HP Printing Technology, its high printing resolutions and its quality hp toner cartridges. There are also HP LaserJet multifunction printer that has several functions aside from printing, these all-in-one digital laser printer can copy, scan, e-mail and fax. These MFPs are the ones which you can find in medium businesses or large working environments.
As stated in a working environment, the faxing function is one of the mostly used in LAN-connected or network connected platform. And if you happen to own an HP LaserJet printer and is new to it, here’s a video on how one can send fax using an HP LaserJet printer with a video from HP Printer Support Youtube Channel.

Step 1 – Begin by pressing the power button on your HP LaserJet Printer and make sure that the printer powers on and is in a ready state.


Step 2 – If the document you want to fax is a single page, load it onto the scanner’s flatbed glass. To do this, lift the scanner lid and place the document face down in the upper left corner of the glass. Then close the scanner lid.


Step 3 – If you have multiple pages that you want to fax, use the Automatic Document Feeder which is also known as the ADF. To use the printer’s ADF, first, you should align the stack of paper you want to fax by tapping it on a flat surface. Then load the paper into the ADF with the printed side face up. Slide the paper width guides inward until they stop at the edge of the paper. Do not push the guides in so tightly that they start to bend the paper.


Step 4 – Once the document is loaded into the paper then you can enter the destination fax number on the printer’s number pad.


Step 5 – Press the green send Fax button. This button looks like a phone next to a piece of paper. The printer will then scan the page or pages and then send the fax to the number entered.