How to Print from Android Tablet

  • Date: Jan 30, 2014
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Talking about printing generally means traditional form of printing through computer and a printer. One generally does not think printing through Android tablets. However, with the advance in technology you can effortlessly use your tablet not only for calls and text but also for printing. Printing through your Android tablet needs to have a Wi-Fi connection or a Bluetooth both on your Tablet and Printer and once you have a wireless connection set up you can print documents, files, contacts etc from anywhere and everywhere over a Wi-Fi network. To enable print from your Android Tablet, here are few steps you can check out.


First you need to download and install the print application on your Android Tablet and tap the “Print” icon from your home screen.


Next you need to select the item(s) you need to print. Tap the “Print Button” at the top right hand corner of the screen.


Then you need to tap “Choose” option on the next screen.


Once you tap the Choose option, you get a list of name of the printers from which you should be able to print. Select the preferred printer by tapping on the “Print” button next to the name.


Need to get back on the same page from where you have clicked the Choose option, tap “print” after selecting the number of copies from the drop down box.

When done, your selected item goes for a print and you get a printed sheet of your documents and contents.

Should you face any problems while printing from Android tablets mail us at and get an expert to help you.