How to Lock Netgear Router?

  • Date: Nov 02, 2015
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Why it is essential to lock Netgear Router?

Netgear Router is one of the fastest Wi-Fi Routers in the market. The use of Wi-Fi Routers opens the door of your network to spammers, hackers and intruders. An insecure router is quite vulnerable to such outside access attacks which give them an advantage to hack your files, folders along with internet connection. Thus, it is vital as well as practically feasible to secure our Netgear Routers.

How to secure or lock Netgear Routers?

The foremost important thing to remember while installing Netgear Routers is to cautiously keep the original documentation that comes along with any Netgear device. It has been observed that users tend to make this mistake and lose this important paper that contains relevant instruction with regard to securing the Router.

Netgear Support Number

 In above case, following are the standard steps that can guide in Locking Your Netgear Router:-

1. Click on to your web browser page and type “

2. As the dialog box appear on the screen demanding username and password information, type ‘admin’ against username & ‘password’ against password. Press enter or click ‘OK’.

3. Since all the Netgear Routers are slightly different in action, hence, their security tab may appear differently on the screen. Click on to ‘Security Tab’.

4. In order to trigger wireless protection, click to enable “Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)” or “Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA-PSK)”, depending on what your router screen page shows.

5. It will ask for a password that shall secure your Wi-Fi, so customize a good-strength password. Enter as well as confirm it.

6. Next, click “Save” to save it to your Netgear Router.

7. Lastly, switch your Netgear Router On & Off to initiate the restart of your Router device. It will then ensure a password-lock to your Netgear Router.