How to find WPA code for Netgear Router?

  • Date: Oct 30, 2015
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Netgear Routers & WPA Code

Netgear is renowned for launching the first Wi-Fi Router in the world of routers. These innovative routers are amplified with innovative features that are based on advanced technology. These Netgear Routers also support Wi-Fi Protection Access (WPA). WPA is an essential feature on router as it precludes unauthorized access of people, without having WPA code, to your network via safe encryption techniques.

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Where to find WPA code on your Netgear Router?
Generally, WPA code can be accessed from only two places i.e. on your router’s set-up screen or on the computer connected with your Netgear Router.

Steps to find WPA Code on Setup Page:
1. Type into your browser’s address bar & press ‘Enter’.

2. If the above fails then, Type ‘admin’ against username and enter your Netgear Router password against ‘Password’. If you have not customized any password in the past, then just write the word ‘password’.

3. Click onto ‘Wireless Settings’ as available at the left side of Setup page.

4. Find your WPA code as shown on the passphrase box on this page.

Steps to find WPA Code from computer:
Windows, in general, save the code as the computer connects with Netgear.

1. Access to that computer in order to use it to get access to the Netgear Wireless Network on a different device.

2. Use a third party program like Network password recovery wizards, WirelesskeyView or Wireless WEP Key Password Spy, which is available for free on the internet and which specializes in recovering WPA codes.

Steps to reset the WPA Code

1. In case you forget your password of Netgear Router’s setup page, it is better to reset it completely.

2. Press “Reset” Button which is placed towards the backside of Router by using any narrow object.

3. Hold it for about 10 seconds and ensure the same by waiting till it reboots.

4. You will get access to a new password for Setup page which will help you in creating a new WPA code.

Read the instructions carefully before implementing them.