How to Disable McAfee Antivirus in Windows 8

  • Date: Sep 10, 2014
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How to Disable McAfee Antivirus in Windows 8

McAfee, one of the best antivirus software companies, offers a paid program that keeps your laptop/computer safe from various Trojans, virus, and malware infections. However, this program may create various problems while updating or installing other programs in your computer. McAfee starts behaving oddly while virus removal and this causes your computer to become unstable. Henceforth, it often becomes a necessity to disable McAfee Antivirus in Windows 8 to make your computer work properly again.

To disable McAfee Antivirus in your system, you can follow the given few methods:

  • Right click on the ‘McAfee icon’ from the system tray menu. This way, McAfee Security Centre will open up. Select ‘Change Settings’ and then select ‘Real Time Scanning’ from the menu.In this window, click on the ‘Turn Off’ button, which is at the bottom.Our technical support services may come in handy.
  • You can always specify the timing from the drop down menu from Resume Real Time Scanning. We will highly recommend you to select ‘When I Restart My Pc’ option. This way McAfee antivirus will remain disabled until the time your pc gets started again.
  • Email is the most common way in which computer viruses are spread. If you are having problems with an e-mail program lately, it is wiser to turn off McAfee Antivirus in Windows 8.
  • There will be the McAfeeVirusScan icon in the bottom right hand corner of your Desktop. Right click on this icon to select the option of Open Security Centre. Now, select the VirusScan tab in the left-hand column of the McAfee Security Center window. There will be a screen showing ‘VirusScan is currently protecting your computer from viruses’. Click on ‘disable option’. Follow the exact same procedure for enabling McAfee Antivirus in Windows 8. The only exception will be to select ‘enable’ instead of ‘disable’ this time.
  • You can also disable McAfee antivirus in Windows 8 by following these steps. Double click the McAfee icon. Click ‘Real Time Scanning’ and ‘disable’ it. Now ‘turn off’ the Firewall. You can even schedule the time for Firewall to disable automatically.However, if you have a program that needs to bypass the Firewall, consider opening ports instead of disabling the entire firewall.
  • If you are unable to disable McAfee antivirus in Windows 8, then you can seek technical support help from our experts. You can also download Norton antivirus after reading Norton antivirus 2012 review because its customer care services are best.

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