How to Connect Macbook with Belkin Wireless Router?

  • Date: Sep 07, 2015
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Belkin routers can connect with almost every device. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps that will help you connect your Mac with the router. Now, before you can connect the router, make sure you have wireless network name and Wireless Security Key or password in your hand. This way you will able to connect it in no time. Follow the steps given below.

You will need to click on the airport icon and select the wireless network name, which is usually “Belkin”.
After clicking on the icon, you will be required to enter a password before the router establishes a connection.
Enter the correct password and then click on “Join”.
A wireless network icon and a tick mark on beside the icon will indicate that your MacBook has connected to the Belkin router.Belkin Router Toll-Free NumberA few problems might crop up while you are trying to connect your MacBook. One of the common problems is that the Computer Loses Connection with the router after every few seconds. This problem exists in areas where there are many wi-fi connections available. You can solve this problem by downloading helpful software, one of which is “Little Snitch”. This software is a paid one and you will need to shell out at least US $ 29 for it. But it is worth the money as it will solve your connection problem and save you from a lot of frustration.

If other problems crop up you can try restarting the router or contact Belkin Router Support for assistance. It is important that you register your router if it is a new one, once it connects to your MacBook. This way the company will be able to assist you in a better way and you will be able to avail all their services. Belkin also provides product specific routers, so make sure that you mention the model of your MacBook before you purchase a compatible router.

Generally, people do not need to re-enter the password each time they connect their router to the computer but sometime they may be required to do so. You do not need to be confused because of this as power outage in the server can be a cause that it needs you to re-enter the password. Get the best Technical Support for Belkin Router  855-708-2203 Belkin Router Helpline Number.