How many papers can be printed in an HP deskjet cartridge?

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Some HP printers are designed for high yields while others can generate average, run-of-the-mill yields. You also need to qualify whether you’re on economy/fast, standard or high quality mode. All modes except economy/fast are slow to print. You might not even make it to 1000 pages per ink cartridge.

How many papers can be printed in an HP deskjet cartridge
How many papers can be printed in an HP deskjet cartridge?

How Many Pages Will My Cartridge Print?

“Let’s take for example the HP Deskjet 3630 All-in-One Printer. I got these specs from HP Deskjet 3630’s online manual. Note the differences:”

  • F6U65AE HP 302 Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge ~165 pages
  • F6U66AE HP 302 Black Original Ink Cartridge ~190 pages
  • F6U67AE HP 302XL High Yield Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge ~330 pages
  • F6U68AE HP 302XL High Yield Black Original Ink Cartridge ~480 pages

Those are standard mode yields. See how page yields vary from one ink cartridge type to another. If you switch to economy mode, provided you only print text documents and not dense images, expect cartridge yields to double.

If you do a lot of printing, you might feel as if you’re forever running out of ink and toner, constantly having to sort out ordering new supplies, and asking yourself the question “how many pages will my cartridge print?” or “how many pages per ink cartridge?”.

“We understand. We know that many of you question whether you’re getting value for money, especially when you might be expecting your cartridges to last longer than they do.”

There are things that you can do to maximise the amount of printing you can do before you run out of ink and toner. “But many want to know exactly how many pages the ink and toner in their cartridges will print before they purchase one.”

How long does printer ink last?

You might find that you often buy printer inks but don’t always get the exact same amount of prints before it’s empty, and you may not even get the same number of prints as stated on many websites that sell ink or toner cartridges. “This is because the page prints displayed online are only intended to be a guideline to give you a general idea, not to state the exact amount that you will print. Each printer is different, many different things can affect the output of a printer ink cartridge and above all else, exactly what you are printing will affect how many pages a cartridge prints, therefore there isn’t a clear cut answer to the question of ‘how long does printer ink last?’. Read on to get a better understanding of how page prints are calculated and how you can find out, approximately how long your ink will last.”

How many papers can be printed in an HP deskjet cartridge
How many papers can be printed in an HP deskjet cartridge?

How many pages can be printed with one cartridge?

As you may have speculated every printer is unique thus each ink cartridge is distinctive as well. This implies there is no basic response to what number of pages can be printed with one ink cartridge. A straightforward method for seeing things is in the event that you envision you and a companion both have a beverage of water. You aren’t parched, however your companion truly needs a beverage. To what extent will that drink last? It would be diverse for every one of you on the grounds that your companion is probably going to drink a lot quicker than you since they are parched. It’s the equivalent for printers. On the off chance that you take 2 identical printer models yet one printer is old, and another is pristine. The enhanced one will be considerably more productive thus will last more. Likewise what is being printed can change the outcome. Photographs utilize more ink and take more time to print than content so we have to contemplate these elements. 

Here’s what you’ll learn from this post:

  • How printer manufacturers work out the ‘page yield/duty cycle’ of their cartridges
  • Give you an idea of some things that will impact on the amount of pages you will get from one cartridge.
  • Show you a quick and approximate way of figuring out how many pages a cartridge will print
  • Give you a handy tool to calculate more accurately how much your ink or toner cartridge should print
  • Show you how to work out for yourself how many pages your ink or toner cartridge will print using maths.

How many pages per ink / toner – Quick calculation
A quick calculation to get a rough idea of how many pages your cartridge will print is to take the manufacturer stated capacity or page yield and divide it by 100, then multiply by 15. As the manufacturer capacity is based on 5% of the page being covered in ink or toner and we generally print at more like 10 – 15% coverage, this will give you a more accurate value compared to the manufacturer stated amount. If you don’t know the manufacturer stated capacity, you can find out and get an even more accurate value using our calculator at the bottom of the page.
What is page yield/duty cycle?
For a considerable length of time each real producer had their very own inside strategies for figuring page yield and obligation cycle. This caused issues. For instance, how HP worked out that one of their dark toner cartridges had a 2500 page yield/obligation cycle would have been totally extraordinary to how Brother worked out that one of their proportionate cartridges had a 3000 page yield/obligation cycle. This, as you can envision, made things fantastically confounding for customers. 
There should have been an institutionalized method for computing this for all makers. So through the span of two years somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2006, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) worked with the significant printer makers to think of a solitary method for ascertaining page yield/obligation cycle. So now it’s predictable over all makers and give clients an unpleasant guide regarding what number of pages they can print up to with a printer cartridge.
            How many papers can be printed in an HP deskjet cartridge.