Fixing Printer: an Annoying Printer Problem

  • Date: Jul 07, 2014
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This blog is about a very specific problem that users face very frequently and take a lot of time and effort, trying to resolve it.

One of the commonest hardware and software issues that offices and homes face today have got to do with printers. No matter the brand, the type, the price of the output device, sooner or later you do have to either call for support or google ‘how to fix the printer’.

Sometimes when you want to take a printout and click on “Print” nothing happens. On checking the printer menu, you encounter the annoying Printer Offline message. How do you go about fixing the printer offline problem?

Printer Offline message

How to Fix a Printer Offline?

Whenever the Printer Menu shows “Printer Offline”, it means that the Printer is not active and not in a state to give printouts. It could be due to many reasons like: Printer is not able to communicate with the computer, the wireless connection is lost, and/or Printer is in sleep mode. A host measures can be taken to resolve the problem:

1.Go to settings. From there go to Printers. Right Click on the printer and select “Use Printer Online”.

Use Printer Online

  1. Remove any existing print jobs. Double click on the printer and go to Printer Menu and select “Cancel all Documents”. Usually an existing print job that gets stuck is the cause for the Printer Offline message. Try to set the printer back online once again and see if you can print a test page.
  2. Switch off the printer then switch it back on. Check to see if it is jammed. Also check if any of the network connections are loose.
  3. Restart the printer. If this also does not work then you would need to reinstall the drivers. Go to Settings-Printers and right click on the printer to choose properties. There, under the General or Details tab find the driver button and select it to choose the driver again. You may have to download the drivers all over again from the manufacturer’s website.
  4. Reinstalling the printer. Go to Settings-Printers select printers and then delete it only to reinstall it using the ‘Add Printer’ wizard. Add PrinterUse the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website.

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