How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Connection Problems

September 16, 2014
How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Connection Problems

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is more than a year old but it is undoubtedly one of the best Android phones in the market. Obviously, it is a ‘smart’ phone and has all the latest features but some of the people are not having a perfect experience with it. Connection problems like slow internet speed and unavailable Wi-Fi are quite common with all smart phones. Users are seeking Samsung Support help after facing trouble of continuously dropping Wi-Fi signal.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Connection Problems
  • The main problem with Samsung connectivity issue is that it usually causes by hardware i.e. mobile or router or it goes down by the software, or it can also be due to settings. Toggling the Wi-Fi switch in quick settings can temporarily solve this issue.
  • Make sure that the router is working properly. This can be judge by connecting a different device to same network. Some users explained that their handsets do not receive SNS information in the background or Wi-Fi gets turned off automatically after a certain time. Go to ‘settings’, select ‘connections’ and then tap ‘Wi-Fi’. Now, tap Menu and turn on ‘Keep the Wi-Fi on during sleep’.
  • Connecting too many devices in same router can sometimes cause IP conflict. Sometimes, disconnecting all devices and then resetting router helps with connection problems.
  • Change the authentication type, as it helps to fix the issue. Upgrade the router firmware to fix connection problems on Galaxy S4. Your phone might not be compatible with the router and upgrading the router firmware actually helps. Make sure to keep your router firmware up-to-date to get rid of connection problems.
  • You can also try turning off Wi-Fi power save mode on your mobile. Type *#0011# on the phone dialer, go to Menu and then Wi-Fi. Now, turn Wi-Fi save mode to OFF. Restart your phone after 60 seconds interval. (watch this video on youtube) You can simply turn on the ‘airplane mode’ for 60-80 seconds. Now, turn off this mode and connect to a router. Sometimes, this step can be of a great help. However, you can always use PhoneSupportHub tech support for getting rid of this problem.
  • Change your router settings. Change the 802.11 mode or channel. You may refer to troubleshooting documentation for your specific router, or simply contact your Internet Service Provider to find out the solution for your problem. However, if you are unable to fix connectivity problems in your Samsung Galaxy S4, then you can consider using our technical support services, which is available 24*7. You can anytime contact us through email or call and our experts will be there to help you out with your problem at PhoneSupportHub.We have a customer support page in our portal as well as we have the customer support toll free number, 855-708-2203 via which any customer can reach us. A customer can call our customer support executive and report to them directly or can raise the request through the portal. Our service center executive would respond immediately.