How to Fix Adobe Flash Player Not Working in Chrome

  • Date: Oct 16, 2014
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How to Fix Adobe Flash Player Not Working in Chrome

Adobe Flash Player is integrated directly with Google Chrome and also enabled by default. However, Shockwave Flash Error in Google Chrome is a common problem experienced by Chrome users.

For any Type of Problem in Google Chrome call at 855-708-2203 Google Chrome Support Number In case of such flash player problems, users may be unable to watch video online, face difficulty while playing flash-based games or suffer recurrent slowdowns/crashes, which ultimately hamper the overall user experience. Issues with Adobe Flash Player generally arise due to clash between multiple flash installations in the computer, particularly between flash installation on the operating system and internal flash installation on Google Chrome.

Note:  When you Enable or Disable plug-ins, ensure that you have identified the correct plug-in.

These issues can be resolved by following some very simple and easy steps for How to Fix Adobe Flash Player Not Working in Chrome  :-

  1. Open your Chrome browser. Type chrome://plugins in the address bar and hit Enter.You would be automatically directed to a page that enlists all plug-ins installed in Google Chrome.
  2. You would observe a Details link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on the small + sign adjacent to the link. This would expand and display pertinent details for all plug-ins listed on the page. Scroll down to view details mentioned under the Adobe Flash Player section. Ifthe entry appears as Adobe Flash Player (2 files), it is possible that flash player problems are occurring due to conflict between these two installed versions of the flash player.
  3. Identify which of the two entries is the Chrome internal flash installation. This can be determined by observing the words Google, Chrome and dll in the corresponding Location path. Now disable this version, following which the Google Chrome internal installation entry would be highlighted as grey and become inactive.
  4. Shut down Google Chrome and restart the browser after a few seconds.
  5. In case the problem persists even after disabling Chrome internal flash installation, you can try disabling the installed extensions one by one. After each extension is disabled, restart the Chrome browser to ascertain if Shockwave Flash Error in Google Chrome has been resolved successfully or not.
  6. Sometimes a network-related software or malware can impact the functioning of Google Chrome, causing the Shockwave Flash error. To settle such an issue, type chrome://conflicts into the address bar and hit Enter. You would be redirected to a page that lists all modules loaded into Chrome. Follow simple instructions on the page describing how to fix possible conflicts appearing in the modules list.

In case you continue to face the challenge of Chrome not working properly with Adobe Flash even after following the aforementioned troubleshooting tips, feel free to contact PhoneSupportHub’s Team of experts for any technical assistance.