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Disclaimer: PhoneSupportHub is a third party provider of technical support services for computers, laptops, printers, smartphones, tablets and other peripherals. Our use of names, trademarks,is for reference only and we are not affiliated to those brands unless expressely satisfied. Your product manufacturer may also offer some of these services for their products.

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How It Works

What is PhoneSupportHub Technical Services?

PhoneSupportHub Technical Services is the most trustworthy and prominent online technical support provider that endows technical services to anyone in Canada. We are contriving to deliver our technical services globally in the near future. The company delivers its best quality services to assorted customers such as individual home SOHO users, business firms and large enterprises. The services comprise fixing of anything that exists in computer era from software to hardware. PhoneSupportHub Technical Services not only offer technical support, but also support in all types of maintenance, security, and Web services that are critical for running any business.

Why should I choose PhoneSupportHub Technical Services ?

Simply because of the following reasons one should choose PhoneSupportHub Technical Services.

Render complete satisfaction: We provide complete contentment to our customers for the issues that are being fixed.

Supply services at budget: We facilitate the services at a cost, which is under the budget of our customers and users.

Create customer’s goodwill: We generate a goodwill that makes customers enduring members of our services.

Grow services for versatility: We are augmenting our services so as to provide entirety in our support and services.

Experienced engineers: We have certified technicians who hold extensive knowledge, experience, and passion to fix.

Call us at 855-708-2203

What sort of support services can I look ahead from PhoneSupportHub Technical Services ?

PhoneSupportHub Technical Services is expertise to offer services in the following domains:

User Support: We extend support and services to varied diverse users like home users, SOHO users or office users.

Hardware Support: We provide support in installation and care of hardware for its appropriate and continuous working.

Software Support: We supply support in installation, configuration, and utilization of all types of latest & legacy software.

Network Support: Support for set-up, configuration and troubleshooting of wireless network instruments. Consulting Support: We provide technical support through consulting and diagnosing related to your SOHO business.

Which all brands can PhoneSupportHub Technical Services help me with?

We offer comprehensive technical support on Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Mac, Netgear etc. We are constantly upgrading our support and services on various brands for versatility. Tell us if we have missed out on any brand.

What sort of certifications makes PhoneSupportHub Technical Services™s technicians specialists?

Our engineers are certified experts in Microsoft products, Desktop Support Technician MCSE Network Administrators and Certified Professionals. Every technician is well qualified and undergoes a well crafted extensive eight weeks training course on excellent service delivery and offers his expertise in remote support skills. We also give them voice & accent training for better communication.

So how does PhoneSupportHub Technical Services work?

PhoneSupportHub Technical Services works through the following procedure of Access! Connect! Fix! Disconnect

You Access Us: We give three modes of communication to access us: through call, or chat . You should be rest assured of a speedy response.

We Connect with you: We connect to your computer on remote basis and access your screen to provide help & support.

We Fix it for you: We fix your computer step by step i.e. troubleshooting and then bringing the right solution so as to resolve issues subsisting in your computer.

You Disconnect: You have the option that you can disconnect at your will, but before that you should make sure your issues are resolved & fixed.

Is remote computer support much convenient than traditional support?

In Traditional support the technician gives you instructions over the phone, where as in the remote computer support the technician takes control of your computing device to fix your problem. The process is done with your consent and it all works all by itself. You can see what the engineer is doing. In this way it eliminates the need for anyone to unplug the computer and get it diagnosed at any local computer repair shop or have a technician visit your house or work and leave your PC / laptop with them for a couple of days. This way of remote support gives one instantaneous solutions and you don’t have to stay without your computer during weekend, holidays etc. In a way it saves huge amount of your money and time.

Tell me more details about your remote support?

Remote support is a service through which a service representative connects to the user’s computer for troubleshooting issues. It is basically a temporary connection. The computer devices even being in the diverse corners of the world can be connected remotely through the Internet. The technician then starts resolving the issues without directly touching the user’s computer i.e. through remote support softwares such as logmein123 or TeamViewer. The software is installed temporarily in the user’s computer, which permits screen sharing and remote control over the device. For the connection to start the user is required to type in the 6 digit pin. Once the remote connection is allowed from the user’s end the technician can work on the computer remotely and fix computer issues. Users can also view every single step of the troubleshooting session going on their screen.

What does a remote support service include?

PhoneSupportHub Technical Services extends the following services under the following categories:

Optimization & Management: We extensively provide support for speeding up slow computer and overall management of the computing device.

Virus Protection & Security: We provide few riveting antivirus, virus, spyware, and adware removal support that keeps your computing device at the utmost safety.

Internet & Networking: Through this service we provide support for browser, outlook, printer, server, router and wireless network.

Branded Computers & Products: We also extend extensive support for renowned branded computers and products.

OS & Windows: Here, support is available for all types of Windows operating system and Mac o/s.

What is the guarantee of the work?

At PhoneSupportHub Technical Services, customer satisfaction is the primary most focus and that is the reason our plans and policies have been constructed in such a manner which will give maximum benefit to our customers. We provide them timely resolution and 100% quality, which make our customers come back to us again and again and become our permanent loyal members.

Is PhoneSupportHub Technical Services team available ?

Yes, PhoneSupportHub Technical Services supports to its customers for resolving computer issues and anomalies. You can reach us at our toll free number to speak to our live technicians to get all your technical issues sorted.

How can I subscribe for PhoneSupportHub Technical Services?

You can reach us at website http://phonesupporthub.com and can subscribe to us from anywhere, anytime or call us on our toll free number  855-708-2203 to receive instant diagnosis of your computer at a very nominal fee. One has to fill the contact us section and allow us to reach out to you.

What payment method can I use?

PhoneSupportHub Technical Services accepts two modes of payment, either through e-check or credit card. It is necessary to pay through our secured gateway. The payment amount is as per the plan you choose. After the payment is processed you get registered as PhoneSupportHub Technical Services customer and can avail our technical support as desired by you.

What are the different types of plans you provide?

PhoneSupportHub Technical Services offers two types of plans, one is pay per incident plan (incidental) and another being subscription-based plans (Annual).