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PhoneSupportHub is an independent online technical support provider and services and refuses to give any acknowledgement, affiliation, or sponsorship unless specifically mentioned. The use of trademarks, vendor logos, brand names, and services are for information purpose and accord with the usage policy & copyright laws. PhoneSupportHub no way give any vendor product warranty and the customer is required to specifically approach the corresponding vendor for any bug, defect, malfunction, or in their product. PhoneSupportHub furnish remote technical support for the technical issues in the areas of customizing, installing, configuring and using the product flawlessly.

PhoneSupportHub logo is a registered trademark and should not be copied or used in any manner without our written permission. PhoneSupportHub holds complete ownership of the Web contents and they should not be copied for use on any other website. All the information on our Website is to help you with our services and is subject to change as and when required. PhoneSupportHub does not warranty the omissions, correctness of the Website content and is no way responsible for any harm occurred during the usage of the content. You accept entire responsibility for using the Website links and content

Financial Authorization

You register with PhoneSupportHub, for the product support that you may have opted for. We are authorized to charge your credit card for a onetime fee as quoted in our Website according to the plan you choose. The payment process is via a secure payment gateway, which is mandatory for the customer to fill as guided to complete the process.

Remote Access Disclaimer

All your personal files and folders are required to be closed, before our expert can take remote access of your computer. Your presence is required throughout the time our expert is troubleshooting your computer. Prior information has to be given in case you need to step away, so that the expert can stop working till you return back. Remote access can be disconnected after all your issues are resolved.

Restore Point Disclaimer

A restore point is created by the technical expert as an extra precautionary measure, so that if in case the computer fails to work during the process of diagnosis then the restore point can be used as a means to get things back to the normal state.

Registry Backup Disclaimer

A backup of registry is taken by the technical expert as a precaution, so if there is a loss in configuration information while changing registry to fix the issues, the registry backup can be used to get things back to normalcy.

Browser Optimization Disclaimer

You have to give permission to our technical expert to delete cookies, browsing history, junk files, and temporary Internet files so as to optimize your browser, but this may result in loss of saved passwords, favorites, and previously visited sites.

Disk Cleanup Disclaimer

A disk cleanup tool that searches your disk for files that can be safely deleted will be put to use by the technical expert. It deletes temporary files, downloaded program files such as Java applets and ActiveX controls, and empties recycle bin. This results in increase of disk space, thereby enhancing the disk speed and performance.

Startup Disclaimer

The unnecessary computer start-up programs that run in the background, consume computer memory and slow down computer speed will be removed by the technical expert. With this, the computer responds quickly and saves memory.

Restart Disclaimer

For the changes to take effect you have to allow our technical expert to restart your computer. You need to relax till that time, and our expert will get back to you to continue the troubleshooting session.

Slow Internet Disclaimer

During slow internet you are advised to be patient as the troubleshooting time increases. So, if you are using a USB Internet/ dialup or satellite instead of regular broadband for remote access it may take more time to fix issues.