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Often people experience with certain kinds of issues related to their printers. Most of them are related to printer software, while a few of them are related to its hardware as well. Identifying the category in which a particular issue lies is always vital, since any mistake in identifying the right one can actually make your issue worse than what it is actually right now. Someone who has been dealing with his/her printer for a long time would usually have an idea about the things that can cause a printer to malfunction, and thus he will be in a better position to deal with them.
One of the most common software issues that generally occur with HP Printers is the 79.00 FE Error, which can cause a printer to malfunction and not work as intended. It is caused when there is a communication issue with the formatter and thus the printer just won’t work despite every effort unless it is being looked into. It is also seen as a critical error that has to be looked into at the earliest to bring the printer back up and not create any further issues with it. The most common reasons behind such an issue can be listed down as under:
An older version of firmware is being used
The envelope feeder exhausts envelope limit during a print job
When a printer with envelope feeder attached is being powered on
To deal with this issue, there are a set of instructions that have to be followed in sequence without skipping even a single one. They can be jotted down as:
Turn the printer off and disconnect any accessories from it along with cables
If the Jetdirect card is installed, remove that as well
Now hold down the green-colored “GO” button
Now turn the printer on again
The word “Cold Reset” will appear on the screen, let go of “GO” button at this stage
Now “Offline” should appear, press “GO” to get the next message as “Ready”
Turn off the printer again
Reinsupgrade may be needed in case the issue continues to occurtall all components, one at a time, turning the printer off and on every time a component is installed successfully

If the error is happening because of some component it will become evident using this process
Firmware upgrade may be needed in case the issue continues to occur.


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