February 4, 2014

Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 Review

Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 Review

Panda Security has released Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 as an upgrade to 1.4. The software includes a lot of notable fixes, including faster scanning speeds, even lower resource usage, more advanced configuration options and more. We will be comparing these updated claims to our test’s from the 1.4 versions. Also, Panda Cloud antivirus remains our antivirus of choice due to its light weight and detection effectiveness, on all of our non test systems. If you have the previous version installed, it will automatically update to 1.5. We received the upgrade today.
Download Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 Directly – Free

The installation of Cloud Antivirus 1.5 has been completely revamped.  Rather than an older formatted window uncompressing all the files, there is a new sleek interface.  In the advanced options there is the option to installer the panda security toolbar and customize the installation location.   The installation finished in about 1 minute and offers to install the free or pro version.  Continuing, with the light weight theme, the download is small at 694 KB which is an increase of 301 KB from the previous version.

New on the main screen is a graph depicting the scanned files per minute.  This is a handy to indicate the antivirus’s status.  The main icons have also been redesigned.  The scan options remain the same, optimized, scan my computer, and custom locations.   Scanning speed has increased from 3 megabytes per second to about 5 megabytes per second.  The scanning time has improved from 20 minutes to about 15 minutes (even considering the increased amount of files on the test system).  The optimized scan didn’t detect any malware during the scan.  However, the most frequently detected items are cookies (double click) type on the other systems running the antivirus. A quick security test to attempt to shutdown the process via task manager resulted in an access denied message.  This means that viruses will have difficultly shutting down the process.

Heading over to the advanced menu shows several improvements that panda security has added. New are the detection of potentially unwanted programs, the option to scan compressed files in on demand scans, and a background scanning after cache synchronization (not exactly clear what this feature actually does). There is also now the option to generate advanced logs.  In the exclusion area one can exclude files and also whole folders from being scanned.

As far as resource usage goes.  Panda Cloud Antivirus went from using one megabyte  to now only 328 to 401 kilobytes when idle.  This is extremely small and complements to Panda Security for achieving this.  Scanning sees memory usage remain about the same as previous versions.

Finally, it appears that the changes from 1.4 to 1.5 are relatively minor but appreciated.  Cloud antivirus remains one of the lightest if not the lightest antivirus available online.  Not to mention, that the antivirus is completely free.  There is now a built-in like system for Facebook and Twitter.  I would encourage spreading the word about cloud antivirus, as it is truly a great antivirus program.

February 3, 2014

Free ESET NOD 32 License and Review

ESET is apparently giving away for free NOD 32 antivirus via their ESET India website. The ESET website claims no registration or activation is required. However, the trick is that one needs to be physically located in India to get the free activation and if activated anywhere else it appears to be a 30 day trial. Therefore, install a free VPN software that routes through India for the initial installation. There are several available and one simply needs to do a Google search to find it. Also, make sure that all ports are routed through India during of the installation and first launch of the program. ESET also offers free technical support 5 days a week for Indian users.

Download ESET NOD32 32 bit here
Download 64 bit here
ESET NOD 32 installation is unique compared to other antivirus. The download was a small 46 megabytes in size. The installer prompts to setup a password to prevent users from accessing the antivirus (interesting that it was included in the setup), the option to enable threat sense protection, customize the installation directory and more.

February 1, 2014

How to Set Up HP LaserJet Pro M1218nfs MFP Printer as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

As the brand new HP LaserJet Pro M1218nfs offers the Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, enabling it will help you hop on to your wireless network and get going with wireless printing, browsing, file sharing, and instant messaging etc. for daily office activities or personal needs. The Wi-Fi hotspot in the HP printer requires either a PPPoE-enabled connection or a dynamic/static IP address connection via a wireless router to work as a hotspot and let you connect to your wireless network on your Smartphone, tablet, computer, or iOS device using your printer.
To begin using the mobile printing/wireless connectivity feature, you will need to set up your brand new HP printer as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Below mentioned are the two methods which we have successfully used to set up the HP printer as a Wi-Fi hotspot, check them out.

HP Printer

January 31, 2014

How Do I Print Wirelessly from My iPad?

How Do I Print Wirelessly from My iPad?

Creating beautiful printed documents has never been this easy before. You can print your mails, calendar, e-books, and do

cuments etc. effortlessly from your iPad. You can easily print wirelessly from your iPad without scouring the web for printer drivers or configuring a printer queue. Apple’s iOS built-in AirPrint technology makes it possible and eases the trouble for wireless printing.

To print via AirPrint, you will need your iPad (all iPad models running iOS 5 or later version support AirPrint), a Wi-Fi connection, and an AirPrint-enabled printer. The printer models which support the AirPrint technology include Dell, HP, Canon, Lenovo, Brother, Lexmark, RICOH, EPSON, Infotec, Savin, Gestetner, Lanier, NRG, and Samsung. Check this list to make sure that you can print wirelessly using AirPrint.

January 30, 2014

How to Print from Android Tablet

Talking about printing generally means traditional form of printing through computer and a printer. One generally does not think printing through Android tablets. However, with the advance in technology you can effortlessly use your tablet not only for calls and text but also for printing. Printing through your Android tablet needs to have a Wi-Fi connection or a Bluetooth both on your Tablet and Printer and once you have a wireless connection set up you can print documents, files, contacts etc from anywhere and everywhere over a Wi-Fi network. To enable print from your Android Tablet, here are few steps you can check out.

January 29, 2014

How to print wirelessly from your iPhone

iPhone has made printing lot more convenient than before through its in-built feature called “Air Print”. This feature is found in almost all Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. You can print through your iPhone if you have the same wireless connection on both of your device.

Things required enabling your printer print wirelessly.

iPhone 3GS or later
AirPrint-enabled printer
Make sure that your printer is AirPrint enabled and you have the latest version of firmware installed in your printer. Your IOS device should also be running the latest version and software updates. Following is the list of the printers capable of printing wirelessly using AirPrint.


January 28, 2014

How to Connect HP Printer to Your Computer

Connecting your HP printer to your computer is not a daunting task if spoken in the wise and geek terms. However for many users it is as they cannot afford to practice geekery all the time and need some quick help which get them right on the track without much ado. So here are those magical step-by-step instructions for you to help connect your HP printer to your computer and start printing beautiful banners, presentations, photos, and lots more.

What You Do Need:

  • HP Printer
  • USB cable
  • Wi-Fi connection if Wi-Fi is desirable

Step 1: Connect the Printer

Unpack your HP printer and look up the USB cable supplied with it. While having your HP printer powered off, connect it directly to your computer using the USB cable. The USB cable should go in the USB port at the back of your HP printer and its other end should run into the USB port of the computer. If you are using a laptop, look for the USB port on it and plug the cable into it. Now that the cable is firmly connected, power on the HP printer. Your computer and HP printer should detect each other now.

Step 2: Locate and Start Using the Printer

Now that your printer is connected to your computer, it should be listed under “Devices and Printers” (Windows 7/Vista) or “Printers and Faxes” (Windows XP). Your HP printer should be listed there. If you want to change its properties, right click it and select “Properties”. If you don’t find the HP printer listed under there, then you can add it manually by clicking the “Add a printer” button. Follow rest of the on-screen prompts to add your HP printer and start printing.

January 27, 2014

How to Fix “Printer Drivers Not Working”

Printer driver problems are common and you are likely to face them when trying to print, update driver software, or after you update it. Common printer driver problems and errors include, runtime error, failed to initialize, 0×00000002, 0x0000001e, operation could not be completed, Spoolsv.exe error 1, and unknown printer driver among others. Corrupt registry, virus infection, outdated device software, corrupt driver software are among other reasons which lead to printer driver problems. Understanding that it’s a pain to go through such errors and not able to print in turn, here are some workarounds which you would like to give a try to fix them.

Perform one step at a time to check whether the problem has been fixed or not. Provided that a step doesn’t solve your problem, then only move on to the next step.

January 24, 2014

How to Fix HP Printer Driver Problems


Though HP printers are a good hardware but their driver software sometimes may not offer a good quality work and may create issues when you try to install or update them. Since without driver software your HP printer cannot communicate to your computer and ultimately print or scan/copy, you must resolve the problems related to it (driver software). To help fix your HP printer driver problems, you can follow these easy steps given below. You may like to perform one step at a time to check whether the issue has resolved or not.

January 23, 2014

How to Fix “Printer Offline” Error in Windows

Your printer might be a good hardware, but if it has begun to show “Printer Offline” error then you need to take care of it so as to fix it and get it working again. When your printer indicates this error, it might be running an outdated driver software, corrupt printer software, conflicting IP address, or something which is not letting it work. You can fix the “Printer Offline” error on your own by following any or all of the steps given in this post.