November 18, 2014

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Benefits of Registry Cleaner to Clean PC and Boost Speed

Benefits of Registry Cleaner to Clean PC and Boost Speed

Registry was first introduced in windows 3.1. Basically registry is a hierarchical database which stores the application setting, user passwords, driver info, windows settings, configuration settings and much more of windows PC. Windows registry generally contains many entries. There are various outdated entries also which may cause the PC to slow down. It is important to remove these junk files from the registry either by junk file cleaner software or by some casual PC Registry Cleaner Software . Registry cleaning is the most important task that you should perform on your system at regular basis. It not only removes all unwanted entries but also saves memory on the hard disk. One can also Download free PC Cleaner or free registry cleaner software to meet the needs as per required.

Registry cleaning has many advantages like:

  • It helps in improving some unwanted junk or unwanted files from the registry
  • User friendly interface helps to repair the registry in an easy way
  • Helps in resolving the broken links and missing file references
  • Advanced registry cleaners help in removing some embedded keys
  • They allow to set a scheduled scan for automatic registry clean ups
  • Allows creating backup of the part of registry to be repaired, in case you lost it
  • It reduces the risk of manually editing and optimizing the registry
  • These software’s speed up windows computer effectively

For downloading the best software for registry cleaning there are many online options available. There is Online PC cleaner Support or PC optimization software that allows you to clean the registry online. Although there are wide number of software that provide these features but one should go with those which are safe as well as easy to use. Most of the advanced registry cleaner software also provides the facility of keeping the backup of files that have been altered, so that user can revert back the changes if he faces problem with the cleanup of the files.

To keep the system running smoothly it is highly recommended to use registry cleaner software at least once in a week.

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November 12, 2014

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How to recover gmail password

How to recover gmail password

The Internet revolution is everywhere and the advent of smart devices has brought Internet connectivity to the remotest of places. Almost everyone today has an account on each or majority of social networking sites including Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc. However, with multiple accounts in place it can become really difficult to remember individual passwords for each account. Moreover, some people tend to change their passwords regularly to avoid hacking or data theft, which further increases the chances of forgetting your password. So what happens if you forget gmail passwords and want to recover gmail password or unable to login on Gmail or any other account? Nothing can be more annoying than a situation where you cannot access Gmail account, particularly when you need to send or view an urgent email. Here are certain simple steps you can follow in case you forget Gmail password, which would allow you to recover gmail password:

How to recover gmail password

  • Visit the Gmail sign in page and follow the link that says “Can’t access your account?” or “Need help?” The link would redirect to a page that offers three Gmail password recovery options–forgot password, forgot username and other sign in related problems
  • Click the button next to “I don’t know my password”. The system would automatically prompt you to enter your email address. After typing the full email address, hit Continue
  • The page would redirect you to Password Help, wherein you’ll be asked to enter the last password that you remember. In case you’re able to recollect the last password, enter the same and hit Continue, else simply click on I don’t know
  • The system may give you a set of password recovery options such as receiving verification code on your phone, through a recovery email address or by answering a security question. Select an option that you find the most suitable and convenient. Once you follow either of the recovery routes, i.e. through phone or recovery email, the system would automatically redirect to a page that urges the user to reset Gmail password. All that’s left to do now is enter and re-enter the new password, and Voila! you would instantly gain access to your Gmail account
  • In case none of the recovery options prove successful, the user can fill out the Account Recovery Form as a last resort to recover Gmail password. The form would take you through a series of questions related to your account. Answering all questions correctly would allow the user to reset password and regain access to Gmail account

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