July 31, 2014

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Do away with your Printer Problems, Invest in a Printer Maintenance Kit

For the needy, a printer is a very useful device. However, problem arises when these devices stop working or slow down for some unknown reasons. When problems like error in printing, larger time duration in taking commands, appearance of smudges on the pages, etc may show up, then you know it’s time to repair your device. Rather than investing into a new printer, it is wiser to evaluate the kind of printer problems you are facing and then working on its solution. Buying a second hand device or replacing previous with a new printer is not a permanent solution, since the similar kind of problems may arise with the latter one too.

Solutions to Printer Problems

One solution is to hire your local computer repair person and show him the problems you have been facing. However, here, you may not be sure about the qualifications of expertise they have. Hence, it is advisable to refer the online assistance for fixing these kinds of problems.

Printers, today, are multi-functional and come with wide range of designs, specifications and pricings. While a printer’s major function is printing, nowadays it is loaded with features like a scanner, copier etc. The range completely depends on the requirement and budget of the client. Since it performs various functions, it requires proper handling and care. Hence, if you are not trained on how to fix a printer, you must contact a reliable printer support company online to get it working again. This is beneficial because the tech guys have the necessary experience and the tools needed to fix a printer. Find the number of printer repair person online that provides professional service through rigorous browsing. Contact them and ask for options to get your device fixed.

Tips for Maintaining Your Printer

Besides getting experts for repairing your printer, you should also personally endeavor to keep your printer in a good state. Let us discuss in brief a few tips on the same:

One important tip is to keep your device free from dust and moisture. These two are the biggest enemies and lead to paper jams and other complicacies. You must clean off the accumulated dust regularly. Invest in a small vacuum machine, if necessary.

When you face mechanical errors, do not let it stay for a prolonged time. Try to get it fixed soon for a lasting performance.

Last but not the least; you must invest in a maintenance kit for printers. Investing a little money will ensure an error free performance in the long run.

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July 21, 2014

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Getting an Online Service Provider for Fixing your Gadgets

Is it possible to find reliable online tech support for your computer or your printer? Are there tutorials that teach how to fix a printer when it is not functioning properly? No matter how unusual it may sound, but there are top-notch service providers that actually have dedicated portals and professional teams for providing technical services to consumers, related to printers. Starting from assessment to installation to maintenance, there are various printer service providers available online. These service providers will also perform tasks like virus removal, speeding up computer, etc.

Online Tech Support

Online Computer Repair: A Popular Trend
Nowadays, people from all over the world have begun to access various services through online transactions and have chosen online shopping more than real time shopping. This also stands true in case of accessing tech support from online vendors for various problems faced by online users from different corners of the world. There are computer quicken help support phone numbers provided by the online service providers. These easy to use and easy to access services are favorites amongst consumers across the world.

Online Tech Support

One of the major reasons of approaching these service providers regularly is that tech troubleshooting is not everyone’s cup of tea and it needs expert interference. Internet is a convenient and also a reliable media for downloading and using troubleshooting options.
Your Personal Troubleshooter
Like thousands of people in the world, you may also possess a printer or a PC, which may at times show error or technical problems that are beyond your control. This is absolutely normal since no electronic device can run error free for years in a row. Once you are certain that your device or system is infected and is not performing at normal speed, you will have to determine an online repair or trouble-shooting expert agency for fixing your problems.

Online Tech Support

Do some online research to find a source, which is professional, quick and offer helpful solutions. Since these services are remotely handed, these services have to be very professional and handled by skilled people.

Get the most advanced technology and faster upgrades by connecting with the best service provider. Get suggestions from your colleagues and friends to get leads about companies that provide the best online support system. If you are convinced, you can also call the assistance number 1-855-708-2203 and finalize your deal. It is always safer to read reviews about a particular company before. In addition, try those services for a limited period in the first time.

July 16, 2014


How To Setup Gmail in Outlook

How to configure your Outlook GMail account

Although the web-based Google’s Gmail system is one of the richest platforms have most webmail, you may want to handle your Gmail account and posts a software program email client such as Microsoft Outlook . For example, if you are using other email addresses and not just Gmail account, chances are that you want to read and handle all your email accounts from the same interface and program.

Configuring the Outook Gmail settings.

You can configure Outlook by Call us at 855-708-2203 – Microsoft Outlook Support Number to handle your Gmail account as a POP3 or as an IMAP account. Depending on your choice, you have to enable the related account option in your Gmail account (Gmail Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP).

  • Below, we will detail how to setup Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 to 2010 to send, receive and store email messages for a Gmail address. Before getting started, please make sure you know your Gmail email address and your Gmail password.

Start Outlook: from the main Outlook window, go to Tools -> Email Accounts.

Then click new
Select manually configure server settings at bottom and click next
Enter your name as you want to appear on emails.
Then enter your gmail email address and password.

Change account type to POP
change incoming mail server to pop.gmail.com
change outgoing mail server to SMTP.gmail.com
set the username to your gmail email address
set the password to your gmail password

Now click more settings
one the outgoing server tab select my outgoing server requiers authentication and mae sure use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected

in the advanced tab change incomingserver value to 993 and select ssl for encryption type.

Change outgoing server to use TLS encryption and set a value of 587

Then Click OK, Next, Finish then Close.

Your gmail account will now appear in outlook and display your emails.To verify your Outlook Gmail setup, click on the “Test Account Settings” button: this will make Outlook to attempt to login to your Gmail account and to send & receive an Outlook test email. If the test will succeed, you will notice the test email in your Outlook Inbox folder. If the test fails, Outlook will prompt you with the error messages – most likely, you didn’t setup the correct server settings or the Gmail password is wrong.


Before you connect to your Gmail account to outlook or any email client you need to enable POP access by signing in to your Gmail account . From the dashboard, go to Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced settings. Under POP and IMAP Access, select or clear the check box for Disable POP and IMAP access for all users in the domain.

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July 7, 2014

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Fixing Printer: an Annoying Printer Problem

This blog is about a very specific problem that users face very frequently and take a lot of time and effort, trying to resolve it.

One of the commonest hardware and software issues that offices and homes face today have got to do with printers. No matter the brand, the type, the price of the output device, sooner or later you do have to either call for support or google ‘how to fix the printer’.

Sometimes when you want to take a printout and click on “Print” nothing happens. On checking the printer menu, you encounter the annoying Printer Offline message. How do you go about fixing the printer offline problem?

Printer Offline message

How to Fix a Printer Offline?

Whenever the Printer Menu shows “Printer Offline”, it means that the Printer is not active and not in a state to give printouts. It could be due to many reasons like: Printer is not able to communicate with the computer, the wireless connection is lost, and/or Printer is in sleep mode. A host measures can be taken to resolve the problem:

1.Go to settings. From there go to Printers. Right Click on the printer and select “Use Printer Online”.

Use Printer Online

  1. Remove any existing print jobs. Double click on the printer and go to Printer Menu and select “Cancel all Documents”. Usually an existing print job that gets stuck is the cause for the Printer Offline message. Try to set the printer back online once again and see if you can print a test page.
  2. Switch off the printer then switch it back on. Check to see if it is jammed. Also check if any of the network connections are loose.
  3. Restart the printer. If this also does not work then you would need to reinstall the drivers. Go to Settings-Printers and right click on the printer to choose properties. There, under the General or Details tab find the driver button and select it to choose the driver again. You may have to download the drivers all over again from the manufacturer’s website.
  4. Reinstalling the printer. Go to Settings-Printers select printers and then delete it only to reinstall it using the ‘Add Printer’ wizard. Add PrinterUse the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website.

You could also try http://phonesupporthub.com which is a new third party provider of technical support. Under their Services Tab, you can find the Printer Support option which provides you with all the services, like software installation, un-installation, printer installation, printer repair, and other printer services.  you might need when you buy a printer. They are just a phone call at + 855-708-2203, our toll free number and get them fixed.