June 30, 2014


How to remove virus from your computer or PC

The Internet is loaded with lots of useful as well as awful things. While accessing the web, your computer has a major chance to catch different types of virus. All information is at stake if virus attacks your computer. It can hinder your privacy and other important files. Viruses are like enemies for your computer and it needs precautionary measures to avoid them. Moreover, major steps should be taken if malware viruses infect your computer.

If you are experiencing this kind of problem with your computer or PC, you should find ways to remove virus. Well, there is no thumb rule. Each condition is different. Therefore, there are no specific significant steps to remove the malware viruses from your computer. However, having an anti-virus installed in your PC plays a very essential role. It protects the device from various viruses and makes you aware of the danger that your PC might catch. Not having anti-virus on your device is the biggest mistake you might have made. Therefore, contact Norton antivirus customer service as soon as possible and ask for virus removal and anti-virus software.

The viruses are developed in such a way that they damage your computer with no possibility to remove it (not even in the safe mode). If there is no backup taken, you are almost on the verge of losing your valuable data.

Well, do not panic. Do not assume that you need to wipe your PC clean and start from scratch. There are certain ways to remove viruses from your computer:

Step 1:

There are many ‘anti-virus’ software available in the market. Some are chargeable and some are free to download. Look for Norton support for help. Match the features of the anti-virus software to the type of virus your PC is infected and get started.

Step 2:

The anti-virus software will ask you to scan your computer thoroughly. There is customized option available too. However, it is recommended to entirely scan your device. Wait for the full scan to be complete and see whether it has detected any virus or not. Some of the viruses can be deleted through anti-virus software. Just click on the delete option and erase it completely. In case, the software cannot delete the virus, it will show it. Henceforth, it will require manual cleaning of the viruses.

Step 3:

If you have been successful in removing the viruses from your computer, ensure to install the anti-virus program as well as check firewall security to avoid these kinds of consequences in future. If you are not able to remove it from the software, then you need a professional help to do so. The computer experts will help you in removing the viruses manually and will ensure that your system is fine and runs smoothly afterwards.

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June 23, 2014

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What to do when your PC starts playing host to viruses

Well, the popular household insecticide brand surely is a great way to remove annoying insects from your home. However, what would you say about virus threats on our computer that plague us so often?

This article aims to help readers in knowing more about what to do when such a threat becomes real and your pc starts playing host to a virus.

First, how would you get to know if there is a virus attacking your system?

There are a few telltale signs like:

The computer is running slow: This could be due to a virus attack or due to other issues like RAM shortage, need for hard disk defragmentation etc. However, if the latter issues are sorted then definitely a virus is slowing down your computer.

Programs are not opening:Many a times, it may happen that when we try to run an application from the start menu or the desktop nothing happens. The application does not open at all. This could be a reason to worry and to take corrective measures as your device is affected by virus.

Unrequested pages open up on the browser: This is a certain indication that your computer system is affected. Many viruses are designed to redirect traffic to certain websites that one might not want to see. Viruses can attack even through imitation of sites that you requested to open.

Antivirus and Firewall are disabled: This is definitely due to virus attack on the system. If one program is shutting down automatically, it might be a software problem. However, if all your anti-virus related programs and firewall are disabled, then virus has infected the computer. For any antivirus support services, it is advisable to rely on a known brand.

Computer acts strangely:If your computer is sending mails without your permission or programs and internet applications opens up on their own, then you should sit up and take notice.

I do have a virus, what to do next?

Well, the first and foremost thing to do before your start the ‘exorcism’ is to make sure that all your important stuff is backed-up safely in a hard-disk or other computer. Surely, you would not want to lose all your work, songs, movies, photos, and other important files.

Next, get a hold of good anti-virus software (if you do not already have one). The most popular ones are Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, Avira, BitDefender etc. Look for norton antivirus 2012 review. You can always refer to a ranking list available online and decide accordingly. After downloading, there are couples of steps to follow to remove virus.

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