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What Does Windows 8.1 Support for 3D Printers Mean?

win8-1-3d-printer One of the features of the just-launched Windows 8.1 is built-in support for 3D printers. Microsoft has added an API (application programming interface) that makes 3D printers work just like ordinary printers: Select Print from the menu, and the

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How to Fix “Printer Drivers Not Working”

Printer driver problems are common and you are likely to face them when trying to print, update driver software, or after you update it. Common printer driver problems and errors include, runtime error, failed to initialize, 0×00000002, 0x0000001e, operation could

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How to Fix “Printer Offline” Error in Windows

Your printer might be a good hardware, but if it has begun to show “Printer Offline” error then you need to take care of it so as to fix it and get it working again. When your printer indicates this

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How to Share Your Printer in Windows 7

It may be a necessity and at the same time fun to share a single printer for all your printing needs. On your home group in Windows 7 or on it you can allow your family members or friends to

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