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How to remove virus from your computer or PC

The Internet is loaded with lots of useful as well as awful things. While accessing the web, your computer has a major chance to catch different types of virus. All information is at stake if virus attacks your computer. It

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What to do when your PC starts playing host to viruses

Well, the popular household insecticide brand surely is a great way to remove annoying insects from your home. However, what would you say about virus threats on our computer that plague us so often? This article aims to help readers

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Norton and Google Pack Installation Instructions

Step 1 – The Download Button is displayed on the Homepage or Click Below to go directly to the Google Pack Download Page. Download Button is displayed on the homepage below the “Download from Google”: here Step 2 – Arrive

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Brigade Antivirus 2011 Review

Brigade is a relatively new antivirus that is based in Indonesia. Some of the main features of the program are how lightweight it runs, USB flash drive scanning capability, a fairly extensive virus database of over 6,000 items, a USB

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YouTube – Lexmark T630 T632 T634 Fuser Maintenance Kit Replacement

YouTube- Here is an excellent series of instructional videos on how to change the fuser and rollers in many types of printers: Order the T630 fuser kit here Lexmark Wireless Printer installation support: There is always a need to know the

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Free Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 1 Year License Review

Comodo is giving away their Internet Security Program for free for 1 year. If you go over to the regular Comodo website, you can see that this costs 49.99. But, I have a special download link to get the version

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Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 Review

Panda Security has released Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.5 as an upgrade to 1.4. The software includes a lot of notable fixes, including faster scanning speeds, even lower resource usage, more advanced configuration options and more. We will be comparing these

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Free ESET NOD 32 License and Review

ESET is apparently giving away for free NOD 32 antivirus via their ESET India website. The ESET website claims no registration or activation is required. However, the trick is that one needs to be physically located in India to get

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